Air Conditioning Maintenance Services For Jacksonville, Fl

Air Conditioning maintenance employeeAs with any machine or piece of equipment, taking care of your air conditioning unit results in an extended lifespan and greater efficiency. We highly recommend scheduling maintenance in the spring before the weather gets as hot as it is in the summer. This can help you to avoid emergency breakdowns and fees that can come with an air conditioning unit that is not ready to handle the full blast of summer. 

What Does A Typical Maintenance Visit Include?

Many air conditioning companies have a 20-25 point checklist which may take 10-30 minutes to run through. Our preventative maintenance checklist covers 70-80 points, depending on the season and takes 45-60 minutes to complete. This ensures a thorough review of your entire air conditioning system.

How Much Does Air Conditioning Maintenance Cost?

Our Annual Energy Conservation Agreement is only $179 for the first system and $129 for each additional system. Additionally, we extend a 10% discount on all flat rate parts and repairs for our customers who are under this plan.

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