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It’s ALL about air flow…

…and that means ductwork.

Most AC companies are all about selling the latest super high SEER systems. Premium systems can be marked way up, and swapping out the two “boxes” (outdoor compressor unit and indoor blower unit) is pretty easy – a tech and a helper are in and out in just one day. 

However, no system will perform anywhere near rated efficiency nor deliver comfort to every room if the ductwork is poorly sized and / or badly installed.

Achieving advertised performance demands ducts able to flow at least 400 cubic feet per minute (CFM) per ton of capacity. In other words, a typical home’s 3-4 ton system needs ducts able to move 1200-1600 CFM. We routinely measure systems delivering just 250-300 CFM per ton, and that works the system too hard, drives up energy bills, and starves rooms of needed air flow.

Would you buy a gallon of milk just half full from Publix? What if a carton holding 12 eggs had only 7? Would you buy a six pack of beer with two bottles missing? No, no, and no! of course not!. Yet, the typical new AC system tied to typical ductwork falls 30- 50% short of what the labels say it should do. It WILL, however, spin the JEA meter as fast or even faster than a system installed right. In school, a 50 or 60 percent score gets a D or F grade, as well it should.

We don’t just sell two new boxes. We measure and prove performance, air flow to each and every room, for lasting comfort and satisfaction. 



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