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Energy Myths: Wishes, Lies and Dreams from the “Green” Energy Front


“Free” energy audits:

Some “free” energy audits, such as those provided by utilities, agencies, or extension services are wellmeaning but too superficial and general to provide useful client-specific advice.

Audits provided by one-product vendors:

Seeking energy advice from a vendor of just one product or system is just like asking a life insurance salesman for retirement advice…you can be assured that the very best investments will all feature life insurance policies…who knew? Likewise, an “energy auditor” with just one product line, be it windows, radiant barrier, air conditioners, attic fans,water heaters, insulation or solar systems will certainly slant the audit recommendations toward generating a sale of that one product.

Greener Solutions designs and installs a wide range of energy solutions ranging from code minimum systems for clients with short term needs on up to state-of-the art SEER 20+ systems serving multiple zones for the most discerning homeowners. We also commission the best high efficiency water heaters, pool pumps, lighting, appliances and renewable energy systems.

“Up to x% savings”:

Many products are routinely advertised as saving much more, sometimes as high as 10 times greater than typical results. Radiant Barriers, attic fans, new windows, and window films are routinely touted with wildly exaggerated energy claims. “Up to…” gets the vendor off the hook, since it disclaims actual results.



Greener Solutions can re-engineer your home to save you serious money.

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