Replacements, Repair & Maintenance


When it comes to replacements this is why we are different from our competitors:

We perform a room-by-room Manual J Load Calc to determine the proper size system for your house. We listen to your needs and concerns and offer properly sized systems that will provide the best comfort and efficient solution for you, and give you several alternatives to choose from.


Repair Services

Call Greener Solutions Air for all of your HVAC service needs. We are licensed and insured. Our technicians are NATE certified as well!

Preventative Maintenance

Just like going to the doctor for annual checkups or getting the oil changed in your car, having semi-annual preventative maintenance is an inexpensive way to catch severe problems early and save a lot of money on A/C repairs later. If a system is neglected for too long, the damage may be too severe and the whole system may need to be replaced.

We recommend scheduling your preventative maintenance in the spring and fall to help ensure that your system is prepared for the upcoming heating/cooling season!

Our Annual Energy Conservation Agreement is only $179 for the first system and $129 for each additional system. In addition to the many benefits of having two regular preventative maintenances, our loyal annual agreement customers get a 10% discount on all flat rate parts and repairs!

We understand that you may not want to hire the first company you stumble upon. If you are shopping around and want to be sure to get exemplary service, here are some questions to ask and things to be wary of:

How many items make up your maintenance checklist? How long does a typical maintenance visit take?

Many A/C companies have a 20-25 point checklist which may take 10-30 minutes to run through. Our preventative maintenance checklist has 70-80 points, depending on the season and takes 45-60 minutes to complete. We take our time to make sure you are getting a thorough maintenance visit.

Does your maintenance specialist use a scale when measuring and charging refrigerant?

It is shocking to know how many maintenance specialists do not even know how to use the proper equipment when charging your system with refrigerant! Most do not keep it in their service truck and have not used it since they were in certification training. How would you like to pump gas into your car and have the guy at the counter give you a random amount without showing you how many gallons you pumped? That is what happens to so many people when a technician charges them for refrigerant without measuring how much he put in their system. Not to mention, it's not good for the system to be over or under charged. If your maintenance specialist charges your system but you do not see a scale under the canister, consider that a red flag!

Beware companies that charge your system with every visit without mention that you may have a leak:

It is a common misconception that heat pumps need refrigerant regularly topped up. That's not true. It is a completely sealed system. If it needs refrigerant more than once, it is leaking and therefore defective.

Some older systems are kept in service with small leaks not economical to repair. That's a rational decision and merits periodic topping up. Some contractors exploit that by routinely charging for refrigerant not actually needed / added in the course of every PM visit. Some even more unscrupulous techs will lie to homeowners, telling them that it is illegal to recharge a system more than once and it must be replaced. That's untrue for most residential systems.

Beware low costs for maintenance visits:

Many companies disguise a sales opportunity as a low-cost routine maintenance visit. Frankly put, they use maintenance as a reason to get into your home and try to sell you something you likely do not need. Sadly, many A/C companies offer employees very low hourly pay rates with high sales commission.

Our maintenance specialists are not paid any kind of commission. They do not have incentive to sell you anything. That is by design. We do not want to create an atmosphere which encourages employees to take advantage of customers.